Interview With A QR-Code Kid

Recently, I received an email from a certain Mr Nolan Haynes, a typical mobile phone and QR-Code user.

He provided me with some key advice about ceratin QR-Code readers that I had yet to explore in great detail:

which I have now reviewed, tested and give a thumbs up hence the inclusion to the readers page.

I then swapped a few comments with Nolan and decided to take the oppertunity to ask a non biast bystandard some questions about QR-Codes and their potential usage.


What is your experience QR-Codes?

Two months total

How did you get introduced to QR-Codes?

I first saw them on

What usage do you see QR-Codes playing in todays world?

I see it helping those with mobile phones (especially those with 12
button keypads or a touchscreen as the main input) easily surf the web, get contact information, merely pull up text and more while on the go.

I believe that at the correct size and use correctly, that they can benefit many who have mobile phones and would like to quickly capture information on the go without having the type it in or actually jot it down.

As a “typical” user, how easy did you find it grasp the idea of QR-Codes?

I see it as a MUCH more powerful bar-code.

What did you first think when you first seen a QR-Code?

Hmmm… interesting. Never seen anything like THAT before.

How frequently do you see QR-Codes? Where, when if any?

Not as much as I would like since I live in Canada. I only see them on websites such as

How easy did you find it to scan your first QR-Code?

It was easy enough really. Just had to slowly wave the phone in front of the monitor, making sure to keep the QR-Code inside the target.

What mobile phone do you use?

I currently use a Telus branded HTC Touch VOGU100 running Windows

Mobile 6.1.
What QR-Code software do you use and why?

I use BeeTagg for scanning QR-Codes. I tried UpCode and I-Nigma, but they couldn’t live up to BeeTagg’s abilites.

In general, what do you think other people think when they see a QR-Code?

What is that odd square thing? Squiggle? What is it?

Lastly, do you like QR-Codes?

Yes I do!

There you have it folks; an interview with a “QR-Code Kid”.


As a fan of QR-Codes, I commonly get asked the question whether or not poeople will “actually” use them. Putting Nolan into a demographic, male, mid-teens and from an English speakig country, I believe it will be his generation and younger who will be the main adopters of such technology. Teenegers are always a powerful market. Teenegers with a mobile phone is an ever more powerful market. We all seen how big ringtones and mobile entertainment has been so far… and growing.

In conclusion, if you are ever asked which demographic and how effective the use of QR-Codes in your marketing campaign could ever be, use the generation statement and put fate in the hands of QR-Codes.


If there any other users who are interested in being quizzed on their experience with QR-Codes, please let me know and I will be happy to get something sorted

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