Optiscan QR-Code Reader by Airsource Ltd

Airsource LTD based in Cambridge, England are a mobile software development company that have developed their very own QR-Code reader called Optiscan.

Optiscan is based on Google’s ZXing, an open source QR-Code reader. Optiscan have tweaked the functionality of Google’s ZXing to remove the need for selecting when to scan the QR-Code. Apparently, Airsource LTD have also made alterations to the image processing library which should make the capturing of the QR-Code more accurate.

The Optiscan QR-Code Reader is now available from the Apple iTunes app store at $4.99, £2.99, or €3.99. If you are willing to pay money for a QR-Code reader, Optiscan is for you, otherwise, Mobile-Barcodes suggest you try a free alterntive QR-Code reader.

Expect to see a wide variety of new QR-Codes developed based on Google’s open source ZXing project. It is a great open source application that can easily be tailored to your needs.

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