QR-Code Reader Compatibility Update

I have recently updated the list of compatible models of mobile phone with our selected list of QR-Code readers.

Mobile-Barcodes now lists all compatible models for the following QR-Code readers:

Altogether, there is over 400 models of mobile phone that can download one of the 8 QR-Code readers. That’s a whole load of scanning folks!

Compatibility Engine

We are in the process of generating a more effective way of finding a compatible reader by developing a QR-Code compatibility engine. Upon completion, you can then simply select your mobile phones manufacturer, model and then be presented with a list of readers. Hopefully this should make everything that little bit more user-friendly. Expect this within the next few days.

Submit a QR-Code Reader

Know of a QR-Code reader we have not featured? Get in touch with us and we will review it.

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