QRBall – The ‘Alternative’ Paintball Experience

Twitter is a great source for QR-Code innovations and news. Recently while doing some research, I came across Twitter member stoop_uk and his idea to combine QR-Codes with paintballing; QRBall.

The Idea

  • You get a number of users with a QR-Code reader on their mobile phone.
  • A area of warzone is set out.
  • All users wear a T-Shirt with a QR-Code printed on it.
  • You then have to go around capturing everyone’s QR-Code with your mobile phone.
  • If shot, the QR-Code decodes on the users device and sends a text message to the person you shot advising them they are out the game.

Genius if you ask me. Simply another great innovative idea for using QR-Codes. I wonder if anyone has anything like this going in Asia?

Got an Idea?

Why don’t you match stoop_uk and send us in your own innovative idea to use QR-Codes.

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