Temple-News.com Adopt QR-Codes

When checking the Mobile Barcodes website referalls in Google Analytics, a particular referall caught my eye in the form of an online newspaper from Philadelphia, United States called Temple News.

Tempe News are clearly innovative and interested in bridging the gap between traditional and online and they, and of course we beleive the best way to plug this gap is via QR-Codes.

Well done to Temple News for the spotting the potential of QR-Codes and promoting their use within their newspapers website.

Personally, I thought QR-Codes would first become mainstream in the English speaking world (Asia are already all over mobile barcode technology) via newspapers. I think Google spotted this early when they developed their traditional advertising platform called Google Print Ads. Unfortunitely, Google has become subject to the economic climate like any other company and recently axed this marketing innitative.

QR-Code Video

Guess what, Temple News even went the extra mile and created an impressive video outlining how to make use of QR-Code technology and posted it on YouTube. Watch closely folks and you will be able to see the mention of Mobile Barcodes in the video as a useful resource for finding a QR-Code reader. Thanks for the mention Temple News and I hope QR-Codes work well for your newspaper.

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