Changing the URL In a QR-Code

Let’s say you work in a museum and you are looking to place a QR-Code next to every artifact that allows users to scan and learn more about that artifact. This could be achieved by creating a QR-Code containing a URL which takes the user to a mobile friendly version of the musuem/artifacts website.


But, what if you need to change the URL contained within the QR-Code? How could this be achieved without changing the QR-Code itself?


Well, you could consider making use of a redirect (commonly known as a URL forwarder).

First, create a vanity URL such as:

Then have your web developement team have it redirected too:

Using our nifty QR-Code generator, create a QR-Code with the URL/redirect that you created and plan to manage e.g.

You could then place the QR-Code containting the redirect wherever you like. If your desired destination of the webpage or URL changes, you can then alter the redirect to reference the new webpages location; we have not changed the URL in the QR-Code, just the destination it redirects too thus solving our conundrum.

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