QR Code adoption to increase with Google Glass launch

With the impending launch of Google glass, and likely many similar products over the next few years, we have to take a minute to think about the impacts for QR code adoption across the world.

Adoption in Asia remains strong for QR codes, but in the US, we have not seen quite the same growth in scanning, even though marketers have adopted qr codes into their campaigns pretty well across the board.  It seems, based on surveys and research, that scanning a QR code is mostly done in the cases of users getting some reward for their action … and rarely to learn more about the product being advertised.

However, that could all change as Google introduces its Google Glass product, and it’s competitors rush to develop their own similar technology.

Google glass gives users a much faster way to consume a qr code, as built into the Google Glass experience should be an auto-sensing algorithm, which can directly identify a QR code in a photo taken by the camera.

We predict a significant uptick in QR code consumption proportionate to High Tech Eyewear adoption.

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