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IOS 7 adds QR code support in Passport

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Has apple finally joined the QR code consumption team??  Well … sort of …

Seeing the industry trends in ticketing and events, and the varied uses of QR codes around the marketing world, Apple has finally joined the QR consumption crowd by integrating a QR Code Reader into its passport app.  This feature is limited to allowing a user to add a passport to their phone via a QR code.

Some asked why Apple did not extend this out to other developers to use as a general built in QR/Barcode scanner/processor … but realistically, there are so many of these free apps available that doing so under the hood would have only brought limited returns on the investment.

So, our advice ?  Don’t change a thing!!  Keep generating QR codes on our site and adding them to your marketing collateral.


BUPA Branded QR-Code

Friday, February 11th, 2011

While scouring the Apple iTunes app store, I stumbled across the BUPA Fitness App. Checking their website, I noticed that BUPA made their very own branded QR-Code.


I think it’s one of the most promising branded QR-Codes I have seen. What they’ve done is basically make all black squares transparent and place a background behind the QR-Code. In the center, we can then see the BUPA logo.

Hopefully this will set the standard for others. If only they had tracked their scans, the stats of how many scanned their QR-Code would have been invaluable when trying to encourage others to suit.

Generate a QR-Code yourself and have a play around; branding a QR-Code is easy

Port Townsend Film Festival Use QR-Codes

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

We’ve been alerted to a video posted on YouTube where Janette Force, Executive Director Port Townsend Film Festival describes how scanning a strategically placed QR-Code on their marketing posters will enable smartphone users to watch 25 trailers of films.

We think it’s a good use of QR-Code marketing. We’ve not got our hands on a poster to scan yet, but let’s hope they have implemented tracking to decipher how successful the campaign was – Janette, if you’re reading this, we would love to have an exclusive on those stats.

QRBall – The ‘Alternative’ Paintball Experience

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Twitter is a great source for QR-Code innovations and news. Recently while doing some research, I came across Twitter member stoop_uk and his idea to combine QR-Codes with paintballing; QRBall.

The Idea

  • You get a number of users with a QR-Code reader on their mobile phone.
  • A area of warzone is set out.
  • All users wear a T-Shirt with a QR-Code printed on it.
  • You then have to go around capturing everyone’s QR-Code with your mobile phone.
  • If shot, the QR-Code decodes on the users device and sends a text message to the person you shot advising them they are out the game.

Genius if you ask me. Simply another great innovative idea for using QR-Codes. I wonder if anyone has anything like this going in Asia?

Got an Idea?

Why don’t you match stoop_uk and send us in your own innovative idea to use QR-Codes.