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IOS 7 adds QR code support in Passport

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Has apple finally joined the QR code consumption team??  Well … sort of …

Seeing the industry trends in ticketing and events, and the varied uses of QR codes around the marketing world, Apple has finally joined the QR consumption crowd by integrating a QR Code Reader into its passport app.  This feature is limited to allowing a user to add a passport to their phone via a QR code.

Some asked why Apple did not extend this out to other developers to use as a general built in QR/Barcode scanner/processor … but realistically, there are so many of these free apps available that doing so under the hood would have only brought limited returns on the investment.

So, our advice ?  Don’t change a thing!!  Keep generating QR codes on our site and adding them to your marketing collateral.


QR Code Image Resizer

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Looking to see your QR code images in different sizes?  Look no further than this image resizer , which takes in your photo, including your qr code image, and spits it back out to you in the desired specified size image.

Image resizing is nothing new or high tech these days, but it can be easier to use  a photo resizer, such as, that is web based instead of using software you load on your system directly.

Happy QR Coding and I hope this photo management tip helps you in your marketing efforts!

Student Housing / Real Estate marketing with QR Codes

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 has launched a new initiative to move the needle on real estate QR Code marketing.

Imagine, instead of hard to read “For Rent” signs with fading contact info and missed calls from potential tenants, landlords can now use QR code enhanced signs on premise and connect them to information rich, analytics driven landing pages to get timely content and rental information to the potential tenant.

This is a great innovation in the real estate space, and presents a significant use case for QR code software growth that marketing professionals can deliver to clients.  I see this moving beyond Student Housing to the broader Rentals market sooner than later.

Google Chrome QR-Code Generator

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

If you love QR-Codes and use Google Chrome, im sure you’ll be delighted with a new Chrome extension that enables you to create a QR-Codes for a current page, selected text or link.

Having tried the QR-Code extension out briefly, we agree with the author and comments thinking it’s a perfect way for allowing you to quickly save links or text to your mobile phone without having to send yourself an email or SMS. You select a link, get your mobile phone out, scan the QR-Code for future use. One commenter suggested they use this method for their grocery shopping – a very innovative use by our standards.

Firefox Fans

Don’t worry Firefox fans, there is already a similar extension that achieves the same. Sorry Internet Explorer users, you’ll have to do without for now.