Orange QR-Code Reader

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Supported Readers

Orange mobile phones can utilise the following QR-Code readers:

Supported Models

Please find below a list of all the known supported Orange mobile phones that have QR-Code software compatible:

Models BeeTagg Reader i-nigma Reader KAYWA Reader Lynkee Reader Reoreader Reader QuickMark Reader Scanlife Reader SnapMaze Reader UpCode Reader
SPV C100
SPV C500
SPV C600
spv c700
SPV E600
SPV E650
SPV M2000
SPV M3000
spv m3100
SPV M500
SPV M5000
SPV M600
SPV M650
SPV M700


Do you have any feedback regarding any of the models listed? If so, we want to hear from you. Send us any updates in compatibility to help future users get the right QR-Code reader for their Orange mobile phone.

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