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Welcome to Mobile Barcodes, a comprehensive website offering all that is QR-Code and mobile barcode related. If you are interested in the emerging technology that is mobile barcodes (QR-Codes), then you have come to the right place. At Mobile Barcodes, we aim to be the forefront of QR-Code technology offering you the latest tools, news, readers and information about the topic.

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CreateUse our very own online QR-Code generator tool to create and share your very own mobile barcode.

Create and share all kinds of content with mobile users such as websites, contact details and messages.

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Interested in finding out what mobile barcodes (QR-Codes) can do for your business and marketing? Check out our solutions section to find a list of current usage of mobile barcodes. We also have a proposed list of future innovative ideas in which we feel mobile barcodes could, and will be used.

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Like QR-Codes but don't yet have a QR-Code reader? Well you have come to the right place; we have compiled a list of the most popular QR-Code readers available, filtered them by compatible mobile phone and provided you with list for you to download. We've also kindly provided installation instructions to ensure you get the most out of your new QR-Code reading software.

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