QR-Code Widgets

Due to popular demand, we have developed a wide range of QR-Code generator widgets that you can add to your iGoogle, personal website or blog all with the click of a button.

After receiving over 200 e-mail request for the source code for our QR-Code generator, an executive decision was not to provide the custom source code, but rather allow interested users take advantage of our QR-Code generator by allow you to embed it within your web page or blog.

Not only that, we know you all love your iGoogle homepage, so we decided to generate a Google Gadget too, so we hope you enjoy our hard work.

Widget Options

Please select a widget option from the list below:

iGoogle Gadget

iGoogle is a users personalised version of Google's search engine. iGoogle allows you to add tools, widgets, list your subscribed RSS feeds and all sorts.


Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets are widgets that you can add to your iGoogle homepage or personalised website. Every time you then visit your iGoogle homepage or website, you can then make use of the widget.

If you are regular visitor to our QR-Code generator, you can now have our tool embedded within your iGoogle homepage or website.

Add to iGoogle homepage

Click on the image below and then click on the "Add to Google" button.

Add to Google

Add to personal website

Visit our page within the Google Gadgets directory or get the source code. If you do make use of our tool, please write a comment to show your appreciation. Your welcomed feedback can help us better the tool.

QR-Code Generator Widget

Widget Preview
Screenshot of Tool

If you have a website that is QR-Code related or you would simply like to allow your users to generate QR-Codes live on your website, why don't you embed our QR-Code generator tool on your website.


Please copy and paste the following HTML into the source code of your website where you would like to the widget to appear:

How it works?

The HTML that you copy and pasted into your website contains an iFrame that then calls our tool into a frame on your website. As the contents of the frame is inevitably not part of your website, search engines will not see it's contents.

Link to us

If you do happen to embed our QR-Code generator tool into your website, please provide a link back to our website as a sign o appreciation.

Special Requirements

If you happen to want any special requirements made to our widgets, we are very happy to help you out. We are keen to spread the word of QR-Codes so if you would like us to alter the colours, functions or look of the tool, then please let us know and we will see what we can do.

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