QR-Code Decoder

If you have used our QR-Code generator, you may wish to find out exactly what your QR-Code contains, or if you generated a QR-Code and forgot it's content, don't worry as you can use our QR-Code decoder to decode and find out what your QR-Code contains.

Note: Refresh the page every time you decode a QR-Code in order to decode another.

Our QR-Code decoder is powered by the ZXing project on Google Code. If you are having any issues decoding your QR-Code, it's advised you raise any queries with the project owner.

Create Another QR-Code

If you didn't like what you saw, why don't you create another QR-Code instead. Our QR-Code generator is free of charge to use, so feel free to create as many QR-Codes as you like. Just remember to tell your friends where you made them.

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