KAYWA Reader

KAYWA Logo The KAYWA reader is a QR-Code and Datamatrix barcode reading application that once installed on your mobile phone, it offers barcode reading capabilities.

KAYWA AG, based in Switzerland are the name behind the KAYWA QR-Code reader. KAYWA's primary service offering is enabling users to develop, or convert traditional blogs into a suitable format for reading on a mobile phone.

KAYWA push there main service offering by enticing users to spread the word of their blog via QR-Codes . This innovation then sparked KAYWA to develop a QR-Code reader that extracts the contents of a QR-Code and then undertakes the action, in there case, visit a URL.


The KAYWA reader can be download free via a the following options:


You can download the KAYWA installation files to your PC or MAC:

KAYWA Download - requires registration

You can then transfer the KAYWA installation files to you mobile phone via data cable.

Mobile Phone

Connect to the internet on your mobile phone and then point your browser at:


KAYWA will then check if your mobile phone is compatible with there QR-Code reader.


The KAYWA QR-Code reader is only available on Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson mobile phones.


Take a look at what the QR-Code reader looks like before downloading:

  • KAYWA Reader Screenshot
  • KAYWA Reader Screenshot
  • KAYWA Reader Screenshot
  • KAYWA Reader Screenshot


Watch some videos of users making use of the KAYWA reader from YouTube:

K300i Install

Watch a user install the KAYWA reader on their Sony Ericsson K300i:

Find more YouTube videos on KAYWA


Below is a useful resources for the KAYWA QR-Code reader:

Large QR-Code