BeeTagg Reader

BeeTagg Logo The BeeTagg reader, by convission AG is a multifunctional 2D barcode reader able to read QR-Codes, Datamatrix and BeeTagg's very own BeeTagg barcode.

The BeeTagg reader works like the majority of other QR-Code readers; you load the application in your mobile phone, direct your mobile phones camera over a QR-Code, Datamatrix or BeeTagg and then press "scan. The BeeTagg reader will then capture and translate the mobile barcodes contents into an action e.g. visit URL, send SMS etc.


The BeeTagg reader can be download free via a the following options:

Mobile Phone

Connect to the internet on your mobile phone and then point your browser at:

BeeTagg will then automatically detect your manufacturer and model of mobile phone and begin the download, if compatible.


Send a SMS containing the word:

BEE to the number +44 762 480 24 86

BeeTagg will then send you a SMS back containing a link to the QR-Code reader.

App Store

The BeeTagg reader can be downloaded from the following app stores:

Nokia Ovi Store

iPhone App Store

The BeeTagg reader is free to download from all app stores.


The BeeTagg QR-Code reader is available on the following platforms Symbian, J2me, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Palm and compatible with over 50 mobile phones including major brands such as HTC, LG, Mio, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Windows.


Take a look at what the QR-Code reader looks like before downloading:

  • BeeTagg Reader Screenshot
  • BeeTagg Reader Screenshot


Watch some videos of users making use of the BeeTagg reader from YouTube:

Datamatrix Scan

Watch a user hover over and work the BeeTagg reader:

Find more YouTube videos on BeeTagg


Below is a useful resources for the BeeTagg QR-Code reader:

Large QR-Code