QuickMark Reader

QuickMark Logo The QuickMark reader is primarily a mobile phone application which is designed to allow camera ready mobile phones or devices scan 2D barcodes such as the QR-Code or Datamatrix. Like any other QR-Code reader, the QuickMark reader extracts and actions information from within barcodes.

QuickMark boast that their QR-Code reader has many advantages, such as high stability, improved data encryption and fast barcode recognition. This is very useful when trying to interpret complex QR-Codes with detailed information. QuickMark's use of error detection is one of the readers best attributes being able to detect and decrypt a QR-Code even if it is damaged to some degree.


The QuickMark reader can be download free via a the following options:


QuickMark require that you register for an account with QuickMark prior to downloading the QR-Code software.

You can then download the QR-Code reader to your mobile phone or your PC, which is useful if you have a web cam. You can generate QR-Codes and then test them prior to downloading the reader to your mobile phone.

App Store

The QuickMark QR-Code reader can be downloaded from the following app stores:

iPhone App Store - Lite Version

iPhone App Store - Full Functionality

The QuickMark Lite version is free to download, but the full version with autoscan costs around 0.59.


The QuickMark QR-Code reader is only available on the following Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, O2, Panasonic, Sagem, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Vodafone mobile phones.


Take a look at what the QR-Code reader looks like before downloading:

  • QuickMark Screenshot
  • QuickMark Screenshot
  • QuickMark Screenshot
  • QuickMark Screenshot


Watch some videos of users making use of the QuickMark reader from YouTube:

QuickMark Reader on iPhone

Watch a user make use of the QuickMark reader on their iPhone mobile phone:

Find more YouTube videos on QuickMark


Below is a useful resources for the QuickMark QR-Code reader:

  • Register - create an account prior to download.
  • Compatibility - official list of compatible mobile phones.
  • PC - get the QR-Code reader for your PC.
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