i-nigma Reader

i-nigma Logo The i-nigma reader is a QR-Code and Datamatrix barcode rendering application that is designed to allow the scanning of barcodes, including QR-Codes via your mobile phone. The inigma reader is slightly more functional than other QR-Code readers as it allows you to do more than just scanning; you can save your favourite QR-Codes and save your history of actions which is very useful.

i-nigma is a service offering of 3GVision, a pioneering company that developers camera recognition technologies for mobile phones.

The i-nigma QR-Code reader is 3GVisions main service offering and is known to have a 60 million following worldwide as the world's most recognised and used QR-Code reader.


The i-nigma reader can be download free via a the following options:

Mobile Phone

Connect to the internet on your mobile phone and then point your browser at:


i-nigma will automatically detect your manufacturer and model of mobile phone and begin the download accordingly.


Send a SMS containing the word:

i-nigma to the number +44 7797 882325

i-nigma will then send you a SMS back containing a link to the i-nigma QR-Code reader.

App Store

The i-nigma reader can be downloaded from the following app stores:

iPhone App Store

The i-nigma reader is free to download from all app stores.


The i-nigma QR-Code reader is compatible with a large number of manufacturers of mobile phone including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Mio, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Palm, Dopod, HTC, I-mate, Qtek, Orange, T-Mobile, Cingular, Sprint, Swisscom, Verizon, Vodafone, Windows and more.


Take a look at what the QR-Code reader looks like before downloading:

  • i-nigma Reader Screenshot
  • i-nigma Reader Screenshot
  • i-nigma Reader Screenshot
  • i-nigma Reader Screenshot


Watch some videos of users making use of the i-nigma reader from YouTube:

Using the Reader

Watch a user go through all the menu options and use the i-nigma reader:

Find more YouTube videos on i-nigma


Below is a useful resources for the i-nigma QR-Code reader:

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